The historic Birdseye Mercantile offers a unique shopping experience...as if you’ve stepped back in time! Located in the quaint town of Avon, Montana, our premium quilt shop features old fashioned service and budget-friendly prices. Browse our delightful collection of one-of-a-kind antiques or bask in our variety of fabric colors and prints by top-of-the-line designers and manufacturers. We also offer a selection of quality Brown Sheep Wool Yarn, along with handmade gemstone jewelry and aromatic Milkhouse Candles perfect for gift giving!

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Quality quilting fabric - Birdseye Merchantile - Avon, MT Antiques and old fashioned service - Historic Birdseye Merchantile - Avon, MT
Brown Sheep Wool Yarn - Historic Birdseye Merchantile - Avon, Montana Charming antique items from bygone eras, along with gorgeous quilting fabrics - Birdseye Merchantile - Avon, Montana