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*REM 1/3 yard Luna - pink & green stripe


*REM: ALa Carte Checkerboard Green 1/2 YD CUT


*REM: Bubbles Sahara 1/3yd


*REM: Eat Your Fruit Veggies Prints - lime tonal leaves


*REM: Lola - large leaf print


*REMANT: 1/2 yd cut Athill Range Lavender


*REMNANT 1/4 YD CUT City Blooms - flowers on blue stripe

$1.70 $2.13

*Remnant 5/8 yd cut Eclectic - pink flowers


*Remnant 7/8 yd cut Inkwell life's words - cinnamon stripe


*REMNANT: 1 yd CUT Antique Fair 2675-14 small mauve flowers

$7.20 $9.50

*REMNANT: 2/3 YD CUT Wrapped In Paisley Brown


REM: 108" Teal tonal flower (5/8yd)


REM: Collection Circa 1852 - tan diamond

$7.60 $9.50

REM: Country Kitchen chicken wire


REM: What's the Buzz? Black Daisy (2/3yd piece)


REMNANT: 1/2 YD CUT 'Midnight Blue' cuddle fleece 60"


REMNANT: 1/2 yd cut Hearthside Holiday Charcoal Flannel white snowflake on black

$4.00 $5.00

REMNANT: 1/2 YD CUT Home Sweet Holidays White red trucks on cream


REMNANT: 1/2 YD CUT Solid-ish Watercolor Texture STONE


Remnant: 1/2 YD CUT Wrapped In Paisley Gold


REMNANT: 1/2 YD Sunflower Song Gold


REMNANT: 1/3 YD CUT Sugar Plum Christmas White


REMNANT: 1/4 YD CUT Winter Twist - Bouquet cream


REMNANT: 2/3 YD CUT Living Lodge wood crosscut rounds natural


REMNANT: 2/3 YD CUT Maple Island Dark Earth


REMNANT: 2/3 YD CUT Shadow Play med Green


REMNANT: 3/4 YD CUT 108" Bella Quilt Back Grey


REMNANT: 3/4 YD CUT Regency Sussex Oval Room Blue floral


REMNANT: 3/8 YD CUT Endangered Sanctuary Flannel - Sedonna

$3.00 $3.75

REMNANT: 3/8 YD CUT Juniper Snow 13204 11 (snowflakes)


REMNANT: 3/8 YD Vintage Holiday Red white dots


REMNANT: 5/8 YD CUT Black Forest - Toffee papercut scene


REMNANT: 5/8 YD CUT Round Up - cowboys on blue


REMNANT: 7/8 YD CUT Juniper Cardinal 13202 13